French Chinese International laboratory on Sediment transport And Landscape DYNamics

SALADYN originates from our common will to better understand the processes at work in landscape evolution on instantaneous, human, historical and geological time scales. Our research efforts primarily focus on erosion, weathering, sediment transport, hydrology and wind dynamics as these are primary components of landscape evolution.

Central Asian landscapes provide an exceptional setting for this cooperation effort. Active mountain ranges surrounded by deserts provide a variety of landscapes and boundary conditions that enable to observe and study processes and test theories and models whether numerical or experimental.

Because of rapid development and extensive exploitation of natural ressources the landscapes of western China are also subject to strong human pressure and are highly responsive to global change. Water balance, temperature changes, wind dynamics and air turbulence may have dramatic effects on river flow, vegetation growth, soil moisture content, soil resistance to erosion, and sediment transport dynamics. All these issues will in turn affect landscape evolution, morphology and have a feedback effect on water balance and availability. They therefore represent key targets for the understanding of the non linear interactions both at human or geologic time scales between global warming, landscape evolution, environmental and resource preservation.

Our objectives are